What is SEEKERS Anonymous?

SEEKERS Anonymous (SA) is a non-Denominational, adult discussion group targeting those who are struggling with the most fundamental questions of faith.

“How did our Universe come to be, and where is it ultimately heading?”
“Is there a higher Power at work in the Universe, and if so, what is its nature?”
“Where did life come from and how did it develop into the human race?”
“Does my life have any significance or purpose?”
“What happens when we die?”

In short, “what do I believe?”

Many of our generation who were brought up in very traditional, dogmatic Christian environments became disenchanted with the Church by adulthood (or some even before). Maybe some of us even turned our backs on it. But after telling ourselves for years that we didn’t care about God, perhaps didn’t even believe He existed, we found ourselves empty.

Some believe that we are merely the mediocre product of random chance in an otherwise sterile and chaotic Universe. Others believe in the presence of a Supreme Force that genuinely cares about the beings He created, and desires our inclusion in His glory. Do I claim to know which theory is true? Of course not, or I wouldn’t feel the need to start this discussion. Do I prefer one theory over the other?

Certainly… Don’t you?