Our Mission

DISCLAIMER: The following is intended to be as clear as possible in order to manage the expectations of current and prospective members, avoid any uncomfortable misunderstandings, and maximize everyone’s individual experience.

The mission of SEEKERS Anonymous (SA) is to bring together like-minded individuals to engage in honest, open dialogue about the “big questions” of spirituality. We realize that it can be difficult to express doubts about faith, especially if you have been indoctrinated in a conservative religious community where such questions are discouraged. It can be just as challenging if you are on a road back to faith, and are trying to assimilate into a community that has low tolerance for doubt or “unorthodox” beliefs. SA offers a community without judgment, where each person’s beliefs (or lack thereof) are valued, and where no question is off the table.

SEEKERS Anonymous is… SEEKERS Anonymous is not…
…a safe space for people to discuss doubts and skepticism about all areas of spirituality, with the ultimate (if elusive) goal of helping its members find a Truth that they can confidently believe in. …a Christian Apologetics group. Apologists are often willing to bring up valuable insights which may be referenced and studied, but SA does not promote any of these views as “correct” by definition.
…a place where the contents of the Bible, Qur’an, Torah, Vedas, and other ancient texts may be critically examined without bias. SA acknowledges that there is much of value to be found in all of them, and respects the beliefs of their devout adherents. …a study of these “Holy” books as de facto bearers of authoritative Truth. SA is not a “Bible Study”. We do not promote any of these texts as exempt from questioning, especially when they are contradicted by scientifically credible sources.
…rooted in a scientific, evidence-based worldview. This should not be confused with an atheistic worldview; we are very happy to explore the possibility that there is a Supreme Force that created and maintains the Universe, just as we are happy to explore the possibility that there is not. …a promoter of any specific denomination or faith system. It does not claim that any belief system is superior to any other or advocate exclusion based on an individual’s faith (or lack thereof), gender identity, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

The primary goal of SA is to question, examine, and, above all, learn – there is much about our magnificent world that even its best minds don’t yet understand.

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