All is Light. Awareness.
Vibrant Life. Being.
Wholeness. Connection. Unity.
Undifferentiated world, full of Light and Vitality.
Awareness is All and All is Light.
All is Joy.
All is Love.

Passing. Distinctions. Separation.
Consumption. Production of Waste.
Differentiated world, separated by Time and Pain.
Anger and frustration. Change.
Tears. Suffering.

Unity gives way to Separateness,
Connection to Chaos.
Colors and Sounds. Objects. Disarray.
What is mine? What was All?
I am Me and You are You. We are not the same.
We are Divided.

Body and Mind.
I am these and these are mine.
Mine are not yours.
Hands and Feet. Fingers and Toes.
Clothes and coverings.
Disguises. Masks.
Lies. Fear.

I am learning.
Symbols and patterns. Abstractions and metaphors.
Thoughts morph into words. Syllables. Sentences.
Communication and Judgement.
Because we are Different. Because we are Separate.
Unity is Lost.

I have aged. I have grown.
My mind is my own and you may not have it, you may not know it.
My objects are my own and I do not share.
Clinging. Groping. Grasping.
Change is inevitable; Life is Suffering.
God is Dead.

Abundance. Is this Joy?
I have accumulated much and you may not have it.
I am Important, you are not.
My life is significant and I do not know who you are.
Do I know who I am?
Only that I am not You.

Time has passed and I am old.
I bear regret and shame. These are me and I am them.
What was that?
A faint echo, a brief glimpse. All? Light? Love?
Forgotten and Alone,
I don’t remember.


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