Kids & Church

A few thoughts in response to the following article from

While I agree with the sentiment behind this article, I think it’s important to consider which “church” the author is referring to, and the age of the children in question. Citing irregular attendance of church (the building) as a -cause- of young people leaving the Church (the community of believers) may be an oversimplification.

In my personal study over the last couple of years, I’ve come to believe that typical American Evangelical churches do much more to push young people away than to keep them “in the fold”, so to speak. Obviously, this is not true of -all- Evangelical churches, and I’m certainly not faulting their motivations, but I believe that offering children a broad perspective on faith and allowing them to express doubt and ask questions without casting judgment is more important than demanding their attendance at a particular church. Parents should set the example, yes, but, in the end, these kids will have to make their own choices, and the more choices (i.e. perspectives) they are exposed to, the more opportunity they have for spiritual growth once they get older.

Some may disagree with this, and I respect that, but this is coming from someone who felt “pushed away” by Evangelicalism as a young adult, but has discovered more about the nature, scope, and history of Christianity in the past 2 years than in the previous 36. There is a far more beautiful and tolerant tradition there, than what I was led (forced) to believe growing up… Just a thought.

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